Enmenduranki Cosmology

A very long time ago before the Flood inundated the earth there lived a wise king named En-men-dur-an-ki a) who ruled the city of Sippar, Mesopotamia 1).  He was believed to have ascended into heaven and given the secrets of gods. He was shown how to observe oil on water, the secret of Anu, Enlil and Ea. He learned all the secrets of divination and thereby became the source of all human knowledge 2).

Nobody knows was what the secret behind that observation of oil and water. Why it was so important that somebody should ascend to heaven and receive the lesson before the assembly of gods? It was certainly nothing to do with the secret of medical receipt as some scholars have claimed, but about the disclosing of the secret of heaven which otherwise would be buried for many generations.

In order to comprehend the ancient cosmology we should bear in our mind that often we are dealing not only with the ordinary world but far beyond it. Whereas our modern sciences consider that our four-dimensional world as the only reality, the ancient believed on multiverse in which our world is embedded in many other higher dimensional worlds, one within the other in a successive way.

The meaning of “heaven and earth”, for example, doesn’t solely stand for the planet earth and its surrounding sky but also stand for wider meaning such as a pairing of something higher, active, being the provider coupled with something lower, passive, being the receiver. This includes the pairing of a higher and lower dimensional worlds.  It is exactly in this context that Enmenduranki’s teaching should be interpreted.

The nature of Genesis’ waters

Enmenduranki had given us a clue on how we should learn cosmology by taking the oil and water system as an explanatory mean.  I wish hereby to give you a hint on how we may decode the teaching. In the oil-water system we can observe a very thin interface separating the water that is under and the oil that is above the interface.  It will ring the bell if we put it side by side with Genesis 1.7: “And God made the space (firmament), and it separated between the water that was under the space and the water that was above the space”.

We can see the one-to-one correspondence between: (a) the oil-water interface and Genesis’ space, (b) the oil and Genesis’ water above and (c) the water and Genesis’ water below. As the interface is correlated to space which is one dimension higher then we can deduce that the three dimensional oil/water should be correlated similarly to something which is four-dimensional. And that something is Genesis water  b).

Genesis uses the term firmament to represent the space which is the translation of the Hebrew word of “raqia”, the root of which means gold leaf tampered very thin. Genesis uses it in purpose to show its preference to employ the surface geometry for the representation of the space, mainly to have a proper visualization of its tripartite structure. The firmament which separates the waters should be imagined as a surface instead of space or in scientific term [three-dimensional] hypersurface or brane.

For mathematician  the notation of firmament is equivalent to hypersurface which may have  any number of dimensions corresponding to the space’s dimensions it represents. Later on the modern physics introduces a similar representation called brane. With such models we can easily visualize the system including the surroundings in which it is embedded.

Now what is really the nature of Genesis water[s] which is four-dimensional? To get the answer, we may correlate this four-dimensional water to what modern physics called spacetime, standing for four-dimensional world (cosmos). Physically, such spacetime may be interpreted as the geometrical structure of Genesis’ four dimensional water. We can imagine this is just like a gigantic drop of [four-dimensional] water of which the substance is Genesis water and the “spherical” structure is the spacetime.

In many of my articles, I have shown that the spacetime is not an independent reality but merely the geometrical structure of the four-dimensional energy (action) c). It is the most fundamental [immaterial] substance in nature that can neither be created or destroyed out of or into nothing. The Genesis water is exactly that kind of substance. In fact we may say that Genesis’ water and the four-dimensional energy are two different names of the same [immaterial] substance.

The Cosmos Tripartite Structure

The relativity theory implicitly shows that energy has two opposite parts, the positive and negative energies, which tend to segregate. As it eventually happened the spacetime split in two creating a tripartite structure of positive energy-interface-negative energy (Fig.1A). The interface in that cosmic structure stands for our dear three-dimensional space we live in.

This [modern] tripartite structure is similar to that of Enmenduranki’s oil-interface-water, Genesis’ water above-firmament-water below, or more personalized such as Babilonian’s Anu-Enlil-Ea and Ancient Egyptian’s Nut-Shu-Geb, just to take a few (Fig.1B-E).

Alas, the mainstream physics denied the existence of such three-dimensional space which supposed to be embedded in the spacetime, as they consider it violating the simultaneous principle. The exclusion of this three-dimensional hypersurface, which is the loci of the universal Nows, causes troubles we currently have with physics.

Einstein was worried about the difference of the past, now and the future which does not and cannot occur within physics.  He concluded that there is something essential about the Now which is just outside the realm of science 3). Had he listened attentively to the voice of the ancients he would not waste his time for the rest of his life to finalize his unification theory .


a)     According to the King Lists compiled by Sumerian and Babylonian scribes about 2000 B.C. which were found at Nippur, Larsa and other ancient cities eight kings successively reigned in five different cities for an impossibly long time period which the King Lists put at 241,200 years [?]. The following is the list of Kings who reigned before flood and their respective capital city:

  •    A-lu-lim (Eridu),
  •    A-lal-gar (Eridu),
  •    En-me-en-lu-an-na (Badtibira),
  •    En-me-en-gal-an-na (Badtibira),
  •    Dumuzi, the shepherd (Badtibira),
  •    En-sipa-zi-an-na (Larak),
  •    En-me-en-dur-an-na or En-men-dur-an-ki (Sippar)
  •    U-bar-tu-tu (Shuruppak).

After them came the Flood which inundated the whole world.

b)     The relativity theory proves that our world, termed as spacetime, is four dimensional. Hence the Genesis water and the spacetime have the same number of dimensions.

c)         The ancients often called it aeon


  1. Basmachi, F. :”Treasures of the Iraq Museum”, Ministry of Information, Al Jumhuriya Press, Baghdad, 1976, p. 71
  2. Wright J.E.: “The Early History of Heaven”, Oxford University Press, New York, 2000, p. 43.
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