For St. Augustine who knew about time until someone asked for him to explain 1
For Albert Einstein who was worried about the problem of Now
For him who felt so sad that the experience of Now could not be grasped by science 2
For Eckhart Tolle who claimed of getting power from the Now 3
And … for Elvis Presley who was used to singing the song

What is Time, What is Now?

The “now”, the present time, is when everything is there
The past time is when everything was there but is not there anymore
The future time is when everything will be there but is not yet there

The present is when everything is present
The past is when everything was present but is not present anymore
The future is when everything will be present, but is not yet present

The present is when everything does exist
The past is when everything did exist but does not exist anymore
The future is when everything will exist but does not yet exist

Everything does exist simultaneously in very brief moment of now a)
Nothing does exist in the past and the future
Everything does exist just only now, right now, in this very brief moment of now

When now becomes the past, everything is annihilated
When the future becomes now, everything is created b)
Nothing persists; everything is created and annihilated perpetually and orderly

The space is nothing but the simultaneous presence of everything
The space is the totality of now
Now and the space are indistinguishable, the two different aspects of the same thing c)

Now separates the past from the future
The space separates the past from the future
The space is there to establish cosmos out of chaos d).

Technical Notes:

a)    The relativity theory denies the existence of the absolute simultaneity of now. What we are talking about in this case is within the framework of multiple extra-temporal dimensions (as against the concept of curled extra-spatial dimensions), where the term of “now” here is similar but in a higher temporal dimension. We can always find a higher temporal dimensional where everything happens simultaneously (a completely flat higher-dimensional space).

b)    This nature of time is viewed from the human perspectives and languages. It turns the reality completely upside-down.  The perpetual creation and annihilationdoes not happen in time. On the contrary, the act of perpetual creation and annihilation which makes time appears to pass by. Enough for wishful time travel debates and no more chronology protection is required.

c)    The “now” and the space is the smallest unit of [four-dimensional] time. The space, which can be regarded as a 3-hypersurface, having a thickness (in the direction of the fourth dimension) of 10-33 cm.This thickness is also representing the duration of fundamental time unit ( 10-44 second) which we call Now.

d)    The interplay between the positive and negative energies perpetually creates the dynamic ephemeral space. A spacetime without space (universal “now”) is chaotic.  Under the current light-cones framework, we cannot single out the simultaneity of events from the chaos of coexistence and succession of things.


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